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Things are changing for the staff of Lagos firm City Finance, and not necessarily for the best. But for Ada Okafor, a bright, dedicated and beautiful trainee accountant, the only change worth noticing is the dashing, British-trained new assistant managing director Tony Okoli. Ambitious and determined, Ada ignores her feelings for Tony and focuses on juggling her work in accounts with completing her degree in business and finance. But their love of books draws them closer together and soon they embark on a secret but passionate affair. They soon discover that the course of love does not run smooth and a host of obstacles – from Tony’s disapproving family to jealous colleagues – litter their path. Their passion for each other is truly tested as they fight to persuade themselves and the world that love, in the end, trumps social status.

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The Secret of good food is the company

Excerpt from my book coming out soon. To find out what Tony’s secret is ……watch this space!


What on earth was she doing in her boss’s flat at 9pm on a Friday night? How many women had he brought back to his house to wear the second terrycloth robe in the closet?

By the time she re-joined him in the kitchen she had collected her thoughts.

He faced her and she felt her heart beat faster at the broadness of his shoulders and the fact that he had rolled up his sleeves, revealing his strong arms.

“Do you like Chinese?”

She nodded trying to feign confidence.

He doesn’t have to know that the last time I had a Chinese meal was last year when my Head of Department celebrated her 50th birthday at a plush hotel and invited the team.


She watched in amazement as he brought out vegetables and a frozen bag of prawns and put it on the kitchen surface.

Don’t tell me this guy is expecting me to cook his dinner?

“I can rustle up some prawn fried rice, if you’d like” He suggested.

“Yes, that would be nice.” Then to her delight he brought out a chopping board and started dicing the vegetables. She watched his deft movements with the knife.

“Don’t look so surprised. Some of us men know how to cook as well, you know.”

She smiled guiltily, realising that he had just read her mind. A man who could cook, who loved books, was kind, had a great sense of humour, and was handsome and loaded. He must be too good to be true.

Maybe he was? Maybe any minute he was going to grow three heads and do something monstrous.

She sat down on one of the tall leather-backed stools in the dining area and watched as he washed some rice into a pot and began to lightly fry the prawns.

“I studied abroad. If I didn’t know how to cook – I would have starved.”

The smell of fried spices assailed her senses and she turned her attention back to him as he fried the rice, spices, prawns and vegetables in a large pan, adding some soy sauce, thyme, curry and stock cubes as he worked.

She watched him mesmerised, knowing that she could have sat there all night.

“Well done. You are a very good cook.”

“Thanks.” He got two plates and served them and instead of sitting in his large dining room they took the plates to the sitting room and sat on the big comfortable sofa to eat.black love jpg